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Higher Things

What is the purpose of Higher Things? The mission of Higher Things, Inc. is to assist parents, congregations, and pastors in cultivating and promoting a Lutheran identity among youth through conferences, retreats, publications, and the internet.

What makes Higher Things unique among Lutheran youth ministry organizations? Higher Things is unique because its primary goal is to deliver the Gospel to Lutheran young people without either "dumbing down" our doctrine and theology or relying heavily on entertainment to keep their attention. Higher Things doesn't seek to create a "wow" factor. Our goal is simply to deliver Christ and Him crucified to young people, emphasizing the Theology of the Cross as opposed to a Theology of Glory. Higher Things believes sincerely that Lutheran youth actually want to be Lutheran. Therefore, we are intentionally catechetical in nature and unashamedly committed to centering our activities around Christ Jesus as He comes to us in His Word and Sacrament.

So what exactly is Higher Things? Higher Things is a lot of things, all of which seek to keep young people focused on Christ and His gifts as they grow and mature in their faith. It is parents seeking to teach their youth the Catechism. It is youth workers and volunteers seeking to reinforce that which is preached from their congregation's pulpits and confessed in their pews. It is pastors wanting to keep their Lutheran sheep Lutheran as they grow up.

What are the age requirements for participation in a Higher Things event? Higher Things Conferences are specifically designed for high school youth, but registration is open to any youth who will have been confirmed by the conference date. Exceptions to this rule may be granted by specific requests made in writing to the appropriate conference coordinator.

Please check the Higher Things website for upcoming events, to subscribe to their magazine and learn more about this LCMS-sponsored organization for youth!